Essential New Car-Buying Tips

Purchasing a new car can be a fun adventure, but it can also be a huge challenge. You need to find the perfect car in a price range that is affordable to your budget. The next hurdle is negotiating the price which will put you in charge of the final step. Following the right guidelines will make the task much simpler. Here are a few of those to help you with the process.

Loan Approval                                    

You have several choices to use for financing a new car. You can use a credit union, bank, or online lender to name a few. This will provide interest information and let you know if your credit history is in good condition. If the interest rates are high, you may have some problems with your history that might need to be resolved before you proceed. Your credit rating will impact your financing and could make you pay more in the long run due to a higher interest rate.

If you have this information before you go to a dealership, there is more room to negotiate with the sales person. Also, a cash purchase will be a plus and may help save some hassles when you sign the papers. Purchasing with cash will encourage the car dealership to give you a better price on the car, and it will avoid the need for a credit check and comparing your financing options. You can accept dealership financing if the rates are acceptable.

Know Car Prices

New car prices are negotiable in most cases. You can go online and check the  value for a genral idea of what the new car price range will be. If you have a car for trade-in, you will know what that price could be as well by looking online.

Locate the Car

Try to use flexibility when choosing options for the car, including the color, make, and model. Many dealerships offer information on the Internet so you can view specific cars before you go to the dealership. The more you can locate in advance, the better your choices will be on the lot. This might save a lot of unnecessary searching. You can make a copy of the vehicle of your dreams to show the sales person. This step might save a lot of time and money. Be sure you choose a dealership you can trust.


Check with several dealers to ensure you are receiving the best possible price. The extra time taken during your research will make negotiations on the lot much easier. Don't accept the first price offered. You have the facts, so let the sales person realize you are not ready to accept any price unless it is a fair choice.

As with any business deal, be sure you carefully check the paperwork for accuracy. You are making a huge investment and want to be sure there have not been any fees added you are not aware of at the time of purchase. 

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