Two Features to Look for in a New Car That Can Make Winter Driving More Tolerable

One of the hardest parts about living in an area with cold winters is driving, mostly because the weather conditions can make vehicle handling difficult and can make the interior of your car a bit unpleasant to sit in. Listed below are two features to look for when shopping for a new car that can make winter driving more tolerable.

Remote Start

One of the most unpleasant parts about living in an area with cold winters is getting into a cold car first thing in the morning or after a long day at work. The reason for this is that the interior of the car will often be very cold, and this can often make it very unpleasant to grip the steering wheel or sit in the vehicle while you are waiting for the heater to warm up the vehicle.

However, a remote-start feature can allow you to prepare the car before you even go outside to get into the vehicle. In some cases, these remote-start options will even let you control other aspects of the car, such as the climate controls. This can not only help you get the car's engine warmed up but can also heat up the interior of the car so that it is nice and comfortable when you get into it.

All-Wheel Drive

Another problem with driving in the winter is that snowfall and ice can increase your chances of getting stuck. Few things are as annoying as walking out of your workplace or home only to discover that your car cannot get enough traction on the slick surface to actually move. 

All-wheel drive can help you avoid getting stuck as it is supplying engine power to all four wheels instead of just the two front or rear wheels. This means that even if one or two of your wheels cannot get enough traction due to ice or snow, the remaining wheels will be able to help pull your car free of the snow or ice. 

However, you should know that all-wheel drive is not going to be able to help you brake better or avoid sliding once you are moving. The all-wheel drive system is designed to help you get moving from a stop on a slick surface is not any better than a front-wheel or rear-wheel drive vehicle once you get moving. Because of this, you will want to exercise the same caution when driving an all-wheel drive vehicle in the winter that you would with any other vehicle. 

Contact a dealership in your area, such as Woody Sander Ford, in order to begin looking for a great winter driving vehicle. Vehicles that have a remote-start feature and all-wheel drive can make your commute and other trips more comfortable and tolerable in the middle of winter.