3 Things To Find Out When Buying A Used Work Truck

Work trucks are usually set-up with extra storage for getting work done. When purchasing a used work truck, you will generally be dealing with a company instead of an individual. There are a few things that you need to find out about before purchasing a used work truck.

#1 Find Out Why the Truck Is Being Sold

The first thing that you should ask the company selling the truck is why they are selling the truck. Are they selling the truck because they don't want to take care of the repairs the truck needs? Are they selling the truck because they sell all their trucks when they reach a certain mileage? Are they selling the truck because they are upgrading their entire fleet or because they are going out of business?

Finding out why they are selling the vehicle may allow you to determine if they are selling the vehicle so they can avoid having to deal with mechanical issues. Asking about why the truck is being sold can allow you to spot red flags about the trucks work history, or it will ease your concerns when you see that selling trucks with a certain mileage or years on them is just a regular part of business for this business.

#2 Find Out About the Truck's Maintenance History

Next, find out about the truck's maintenance history. Since you are purchasing the truck from a business instead of an individual, there is an even higher chance that the company will have a detailed vehicle history.

Ask to see the vehicle history and look over the vehicle history carefully. Make sure that you see that the oil was changed at regular intervals. Make sure that the coolant, power steering, and brake fluid were changed on time as well. Make sure that the vehicle has gotten tunes up on time.

#3 Find Out About the Accident History

Finally, be sure to get the VIN number for the work truck and run a car history report on the vehicle. This will let you know if the vehicle has been involved in any reported accidents. Hopefully, the business selling the vehicle will be honest with you about any accidents that the vehicle has been in.

Use all the information that you gather to determine if the work truck is in good enough condition to meet your specific work needs. Do your research, and if you don't have a mechanical background, be sure to have a mechanic check out the vehicle before making a final decision about the purchase of the used work truck.

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