What To Expect In A 2020 Off-Road Vehicle

Going off-road and exploring the many great wilderness areas America has to offer is one of the great joys you can experience in life. From driving along a rocky streambed to taking your car over a sweltering desert, there are quite literally thousands of things you can do with an off-road capable vehicle in 2020. However, before you go and buy your off-road car, you should know about some absolute standard features you should expect in an off-road capable car in 2020. Never settle for a car that does not have any of the following features, as you are missing out big time.

Ladder Frame Chassis

While a unibody chassis is more than capable in city environments and on the highway, if you take a car with a unibody off-road, then you are going to run into trouble. The problem is that these cars flex far too much and are not as strong and resistant to the many forces that will be put upon your car as you try to get up that hill or descend on an angle. Some car manufacturers still sell supposedly "off-road" vehicles that come with a unibody frame, but you should stay well away from them. Always go for a ladder frame chassis.

Limited-Slip Differential

If you have ever got stuck in a puddle or failed to get moving in thick mud, then you know how useful limited-slip differential could have been. When you go off-road, a limited-slip differential is an absolute must-have to ensure you don't get stuck miles away from any inhabited areas. Many newer models of cars, such as the 2020 Jeep Wrangler, are beginning to offer limited-slip differential as standard in all models, and that is something that you should be searching for as well. Don't settle for outdated technologies that claim to do a similar job; get the real deal, and feel safe whatever terrain you drive in.

Fuel Economy

When it comes to driving off-road, every little bit of gas helps, which is why fuel economy matters. The unfortunate reality is that most off-road trucks and vehicles are gas-guzzlers and will take up a lot more than what you might be used to in a city car. Still, fuel efficiency has gotten better with time and you should at least expect your car to make 15–20 miles per gallon. Below that threshold, you will find yourself spending more on gas each trip than the rest of your supplies combined, and you won't be able to get very far at all.

For more information about offroad vehicles, such as a 2020 Jeep Wrangler, contact a local dealership.